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College of Sport and Exercise Science

Career Development and Employability (CDE)


The following information is provided to help assist you with general login issues for the CDE contract system and for your VU student email account.
This is very general information that may not solve all issues.


CDE staff are unable to help with login or password problems as all University systems are controlled by the Information Technology Services department.

CDE Contract System login help

To login to the placement contract system you need to be enrolled as a student. If your enrolment has lapsed generally you will no longer have access to any VU IT system.

The CDE Contract System uses the same credentials as your student Active Directory (AD) login, these are the same as you use to login to MyVU.

If after entering your AD/MyVU username and password you still are not able to access our system go to MyVU and reset your MyVU password.

Now return to the CDE Contract System and use your username and new password.


Should the above not provide you access see the IT Support staff on your campus or contact the ITS Service Desk on 9919 2777.

VU student email login help

All contract documents and emails are sent to your VU student email account. You need to ensure you have access to your student email prior to lodging a contract application.

To access your email account you can connect using an Internet Browser through the Microsoft Office 365 website.

If you have not set up and used your VU student email account consult the following webpage for details.

See IT Support staff on your campus or contact the ITS Service Desk on 9919 2777 if you are having password problems.


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